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  • What do I need to look for when buying a new car battery?

    Quality of the product

    Meets or Exceeds CCA Cold cranking amps) and RC (Reserve Capacity)

    Correct BCI group code or equivilant fit for your vehicle

    Worry Free installation

    Free battery Testing and installation while you wait

  • How many years should my battery last in my cell/smartphone?

    Batteries are measured in cycles 300-500 cycles which on average best performance at 24 months. However service varies on usage and maintenance conditions.

  • Can I overcharge a battery?

    Yes. The most common effect on batteries rapidly dying.

  • Can BatteryCiti test all types of batteries?

    Yes, BatteryCiti invest in the latest testing and analyzing equipment. Some batteries can simply be load tested in a few minutes while others may take up to 24-36 hours to test.

  • How long will it take to get my device repaired?

    While every device is different, we try to keep your down time to a minimum. We understand your smartphones and tablets are your lifeline however, it most important that we get your device fixed right the first time in order to save you frustration and aggravation. Some devices can be repaired in as little as 15 minutes others may take longer.